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Crystal clear vocals, screaming guitars, hammering beats, mixing power and melody, and reaching a highly incendiary sound which comes straight from the heart of five dedicated musicians.
Dancing like demons on a infernal stage, capturing the crowds whilst holding them spell-bound, they transmit a life style philosophy that finds its roots in the most classical Heavy Metal form, a clear reminder that Heavy Metal is by no means dead.
White Skull is all that and more !!!!!
1991, just after recording their first self-titled demo-tape, audiences and the specialized media began to sit up and take note of the band. They started live-promotion in order to increase their own experience.
May, 1992 - Release of the second demo-tape. Entitled "Save the Planet", it's Heavy Metal with American rock influences. Excellent reviews and lots of promotion attracts the attention of some Italian labels which keeps it eyes open for good artists and very particular ideas. However, the producers considered the band's music "not suitable for the present market" and suggested the guys change their style.
Being fond of classical Heavy Metal and followers of bands such as Iron Maiden, Helloween, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Saxon etc... the Skulls decide to continue with their type of music, because they believe in Heavy Metal and its life-style.
They released two Heavy Metal compilation CDs at the national level. The first one, "Nightpieces 4" is produced by Dracma Records of Torino (Jan. 1995). The second, "Area Sismica" produced by A.M. Songs et Music of Valdagno (Vi), was released in June 1995.
Reviewers in Heavy Metal magazines raved that the band members are spokesmen of an eternal kind of metal, so, after a good dose of luck, good demos, two compilation CDs and several excellent reviews, the guys are able to convince Underground Symphony to give them their first recording contract.
November, 1995 - Release of the first White Skull CD entitled " I Won't Burn Alone", which attracted excellent reviews by the media and local audiences. In order to promote the album, the band travelled around Italy playing in clubs and pubs, as well as at local festivals and sometimes at biker meetings. The excellent results achieved encouraged the Band to begin writing new songs. Soon
after, the Italian independent label "Underground Symphony" was so impressed by the new ideas that they contacted the band for a second contract.
In March 1997 the new album titled "Embittered" was on the shelves ! A huge number of requests from Germany, and from all over Europe and Japan, for the supply of the new product confirmed its tremendous quality. The "Embittered Tour" started soon after the distribution of the album, and it kept the band busy with live concert appearances until 1998. The guys played in lots of clubs and pubs, as well as at Italian and foreign Festivals such as the "Agglutination OpenAir" in August 1997 as support for such well-known bands as "OVERKILL", and the "Italian Gods of Metal" in February 1998. As for the Bikers Meetings, the most important has been "8th Harley Davidson Jamboree" held in Berlin in July 1998 where White Skull proudly supported big name bands "U.D.O." and "DORO PESCH".
In the meantime new songs had been composed for the new albums, the EP "Asgard" and the LP "Tales from the North". The EP was on the market in February 1999 and it comprises of the song, "Asgard", the unpublished "Hagen the Cruel", as well as two cover songs: "Tears by the Firelight" by the German band Stormwicth and "Adralmelch" by the 80's Italian cult band of the same name.
"Tales from the North" is a concept epic album about Nordic myths (Vikings and Nibelungs). Needless to say it was an important time for us, having CHRIS BOLTENDAHL of GRAVE DIGGER as Special Guest. This album was released in May 1999. Magazine reviews all over Europe are excellent!!! Right now the Band is engaged in planning the new tour and they will do their best to satisfy as many
requests as possible !!!
"Death to false Metal and up the White Skull" !!
News- White Skull is planning to release a new album "Public Glory Secret Agony" sometime during August 2000...


Band members :

Gustavo "Gus"Gabarrò,(v)

Tony "Mad" Fontò (g)
Alex Mantiero (d),
Fabio Pozzato (b),
Nick "B.B." Savio (g),

Federica De Boni (v),


Track list: 1. Because I 2. Living on the lighway 3. Pray 4. In the age of unreasons 5. Mama 6. Someone call it love 7. I won't burn alone 8. Nasty 9. Hey boy 10.White Lady 11. Save the Planet 12. The train
Track list: 1. Embittered 2. Revenge is sweet 3. It's my life 4. Old
friends 5. Love is 6. Mountain's end 7. What's up 8. Flesh, blood and
faith 9. She won't wait all the night 10. I don't know about sex 11.
B.T.B.W. North Italy
1999  -  ASGARD
Track list: 1. Asgard 2. Haegen the cruel 3. Tears by the firelight 4.
Track list: 1. The quest (intro) 2. Tales from the North 3. Asgard 4. Gods of the Sea 5. Viking's Tomb 6. Kriemhild story 7. The killing Queen 8. The terrible slaughter 9. Horant 10. Fighting and feasting 11. Here we are 12. Still alive (Outro)
Track list: 1. Burn Rome, burn! (intro), 2. High treason, 3. The Roman empire, 4. Greedy Rome, 5. In Caesar we trust, 6. Valley of the Sun, 7. Anubis the Jackal, 8. Mangler, 9. Cleopathra, 10. The field of peace, 11. Time for glory

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