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Genre : Class Metal


The X-HERO has born officially in the 1981 with the name of AXE HERO and is from consider first metal bands appeared in Italia.from the leadership of Galliazzo brothers the band's debut with the first demotape like an of the first Heavy immediately entitled "drive in metal "and recorded simple.

1983 out the first true entitled demo"Brainstorm "that contains two songs that receives enthusiastic compliments immediately, is worth to "Lovin'Japan "and "Countryside" .Band's Start an intense concerts activity that ours carries to open like group "opening" the evenings of Jo Squillo, Garbo, shows with the Gigi & Andrea( Tv's comedians) and the Tv 's soubrette Alba Parietti .After few time the band record a new demotape"It'Rock (against all) "that receives important and positive rewiews on all the best Rock magazines, from the metallic British Bible "Metal forces ","ShockPower "best in Germany, "Barst "in Belgium.

the group is earned an excellent fame thank s to the performances in the heavy metal fest of Padova (with Crying steel, Hocculta and Devils Claw) and Verona where comes presented a show much shock, with nude modells and disguised muscle men from medieval warriors.

Axe Hero printed a album privately in few copies, called "Brainstorm"the copies have stayed retreats 'cause had errors in the cover,a very rarity from the collectors of all the world.

1985 the Axe Hero comes contacted from the U.s.a. label King Klassik (Hellcatz, Wrath) a label that looks for new talents that invites the band has participate to the european tribute metal compilation. Galliazzo's bros with a passage to the compilation, recruit Dave Moby to the guitar in couple with the ex" Captain kill" Piero Albanese and with to the bass Cesco Laperni, they enter the prestigious studios" Space Station "and they recorded the song "Come back"and many other songs for a whole album. The compilation of the American label won't come realized and the song "Come back" comes so included in the tape" 3°act" (1986) the first to X-HERO name, that also present the new line-up with Alex Stornello to the guitar ( from a italy/american band to the Military base N.a.t.o.) and to the bass part and keyboards Paul Blondie Gidoni.

Enthusiastic rewiews in all world ,in the States where the magazine "Aardshock America " render Mirko De Fox the palm of better European vocalist , good articles from the Peruvian magazine"Cuero Negro," from the brazilero "Rock Brigade," from the Portuguese"Brigada metal power," from the Japan and fundamental "Burrn" .Mirko and partners enter the April '87 in the "Space Station studios"and they record the debut album that will come published in September from the roman label Fly By Night (with Durium distribution) .Italian Magazines exalts the album and the band immediately ( "Metal Shock," "H.M.," "Flash," "Tuttifrutti.") broadcast important programs (R.a.i Italian government radio.,Milan's radio Peter Flowers.) they play the songs of the heroes.

The first print in vinyl comes exhausted in little time,the positive consents carry to the reprint on vinyl and to the realization of a circulation in cassette and compact disc (Fly by Night distribution ).The Live promotion of the album carries the X-HERO to perform in all the North of Italy , appearing besides like special guest of support to the great English metal Kings SAXON in Verona, X-Hero don't play the date announced with an other sacred monster, Iggy pop for problems of line-up.

The album comes besides distributed in South America, mainly in Brazil and Argentina.The two Galliazzo brothers for the turned renew the formation of the band they come recruited the bass player Eros "the alien "Mazzon and the guitarman Luca Tosato.

Elaborated again old songs ours they enter in the "Lunatic studios "in Rome of ownership of the known Gazebo singer ( "I like Chopin " "), for record the second album under the production of the Fly by Night of Eduardo Fhalò and with the artistic direction of the famous european guitar hero Richard Benson.In few days come record the rhythmic bases and the solos, however the everything will stay incomplete because cause incomprehensions and musical divergences the band will decide in succession of closed the contract with the Roman label.

With a pinch of disappointment and anger the group plunges headfirst in a tour live that ours carries to perform in the biggest Milan place "Garage Prego" (a place ploughed from prestigious international names) and whose rewiew comes published on "Metal shock "Magazine and it in the occasion will compliments from the present characters, Nikki of the Tv program "Dj Television "transmitted on Italia 1 (best italian entairtment channel), the Vanadium(italian metal band).

Ultimate series of concerts will end after the summer of the '91, will see the three new musical projects built from Mirko De Fox with the wish of space where carry the inspiration and the pleasure of behavior music.The first to "Frenetica " proposing a progressive rock in Italian lyrics(two songs in likewise cd compilations),"Blondiefox "with Paul Blondie to the taking with all the tools (two albums)and a share to a compilation renders the progressive rock of the years '70 and the "Manitoba", live devoted band to covers of hard Blues rock.

The X-HERO will appear still in sporadic exhibitions and shares in cd compilations ( "Underground symphony "and "Area Sismica" (produced by Mirko De Fox) besides quoted in the encyclopedias devote the heavy metal and to the Italian Rock from the Arcane publisher, up to the definitive "congelation."

DeFox come to the beginnings of the new millennium with his activity of artistic promotion with the "DeFox Promotion of the Club of the Artists," the musical site on internet called "Strillo Strano". It is a satisfaction for Mirko DeFox that the albums published in the years '80 is considered true rarity.

He will propose the new X-HERO songs



- 1984 "Brainstorm"Lp (private edition)

- 1988 "X-Hero" [] (Fly by Night records])

- 1994 "Sign of sacred cross "on cd compilation (Underground Symphony [rec].)

- 1995 "Rise of the curtain" on cd compilation "Area Sismica vol.1 (A.M.Songs& Music [rec].)

- 2002 "Drive in Metal" (Next realise)



- 1996 "agua" full lenght cd (Mellow [rec].)

- 1997 "Neve calda" on cd compil. "Zarathustra's revenge" (Mellow rec.)

- 1999 "blondiefox" full lenght cd(private pubblication)



- 1995 "Concetto sconfinato" on cd compil. " Area Sismica vol.1" (A.M.Songs)

- 1996 "Colpevole io "on cd compil. " Area Sismica vol.2" (A.M.Songs)



- 2001 "stellaclone "on cd compil. " Area Sismica vol.3" (DeFox Promotion/ M.C.Service)

(The project that sees beyond to Mirko DeFox, the ex Dark Ages Luca(drums), Dave Ian Valle and Roberto Bertoldo of the Crisalide(guitar and bass) and extra specialguest to the solos the guitar hero from L.A. Alex Masi.